Widgets for Awesome New Tab Page

Below is a collection of Widget extensions for Awesome New Tab Page. After installing a widget from the Chrome Web Store, you can find them in the widgets window; that's the white icon with 2 rectangles in the top left of Awesome New Tab Page.

If you don't yet have Awesome New Tab Page, use the button below to install it.

Install Awesome New Tab Page
Awesome RSS Widget
by daniel.petisme@gmail.com
Google Events
by Gregory Shayko
New Tab Page Counter
by Beaver
Awesome Bookmarks Widget
by antp.co
Top Sites Widget
by blog.robin-drexler.com

Want to create a widget?

Start by forking this repo: https://github.com/NewTabPage/Awesome-Bookmarks-Widget

Developer with a widget to add, remove, or modify?

Submit a pull request: https://github.com/NewTabPage/antp-website